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30 Day Detox

Our 30 Day Detox program includes: weekly support groups, your own binder book to keep all your information, resources, daily meal plans & recipes, body measurements, and daily accountability and support.

We will be eliminating the five most common food allergies and sensitivities that cause disease-red meat, sugar, caffeine, dairy, and processed foods.

Join us as we take a journey to learn all about how food affects our bodies, our state of mind and how to re-gain control of your health.

*This 30 day detox is a food elimination program and we will be learning how to reintroduce foods back into the system to test for sensitivities and allergies.

The 30 day detox is taught by State Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Jennifer Hardwick, and she oversees each individual, customizing the detox and plan to each persons health and personal needs.

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“I just want to make a comment here as a person who is starting week 3 – This is amazing. I was worried about the lack of food before I signed up – however – This is NOT NOT NOT a starvation plan. In fact I sometimes can’t even eat all the food on the menu. So if thinking your going to be starving is the only thing holding you back, don’t worry, you won’t be.” April L.