Why Zumba?

Zumba is a fun, upbeat, dance party led by our very own dancer with passion Sarah Santich. Just her energy and excitement alone is reason enough to want to keep coming back, but the workout itself isn’t bad either!!! Perfect For Everybody and every body! Each Zumba class is designed

What is BodyPump?

Thanks for checking in to our weekly blog here at Perfect Union! This weeks blog will be targeting our class of the week Les Mills BodyPump.  Les Mills is on their 102nd release of BodyPump, a new one is launched every 3 months.  That means Body Pump has been around

Why Try Grit?

There are three types of Les Mills Grit classes in the series: Cardio, Plyo, and Strength.  Each one is its own 30 minute complete workout. Grit is a high intensity interval training workout, using slow and fast twitch muscle fibers to burn fat and activate pushing your body beyond its

The Benefits of Spin

Spin class, or indoor cycling, is a high energy cardio class that incorporates the feeling of biking outdoors and brings it indoors.  From hills and jumps to sprints and hovers this is a class fueled by music and energy that you have to try at least once! Darci Morris is

What Is Pop Pilates?

Hello Everyone!  I hope you are enjoying this wonderful weather we are having this weekend.  We will be blogging about our Pop Pilates class this week. Pop Pilates is a total body, equipment-free workout that sculpts a rock solid core and a lean dancer’s body like nothing else can.  Pop

Why Barre?

In starting our new weekly series on the classes Perfect Union has to offer and the benefits of them we are going to start with our Barre classes.  We offer two types of barre classes at Perfect Union taught by two different instructors.  Sarah and Jennifer are both certified in

How To Choose The Right Fitness Class For You

Choosing a fitness class is a very personal choice.  So many factors go into play when choosing the right class from your fitness abilities, the type of class you like, your long term health and fitness goals, the music, the size of the class, and the personality of the instructor

How To Eat On Vacation: Part 5

The final day of our miniseries is here, How To Eat On Vacation.  I sure hope you’ve enjoyed our series and it’s been helpful to you to learn a few tips and the why behind wanting to try to keep your healthy habits best you can while enjoying some vacation

How To Eat On Vacation: Part 4

We are continuing on with our miniseries of vacation eating today with a very common misconception I’m hearing all around me this week, “I deserve this.” The most ironic part to hearing this phrase to me is that I am hearing it most while in the fitness center here on

How To Eat On Vacation: Part 3

Let me shoot out some phrases and show of hands if you’ve heard it before, ready? “I will start first thing Monday morning,” or “I’ve already blown it today, so tomorrow I will start over,” how about the bartering in your head of “It’s just this one dessert, next time