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Diet verses Exercise


Which is more important-to workout or to eat healthy?

With people setting goals with the New Year I have been asked this questions a few times recently, my answer is-the one that is EASIER for you to do!

Please DON’T choose the one that is harder one, in my professional opinion, the successful part of a complete long term change is to do it slowly in achievable steps with minimal setbacks.

When we change something drastically it’s very hard to sustain. Experts argue on how long it actually takes to establish a new habit/routine somewhere between 30 and 70 days! I would like to pitch this to be more like you can change a habit or routine UNTIL LIFE HAPPENS.

For most of us, we can do pretty good until a tragedy occurs, stress occurs, a looming job deadline comes up, the kids get sick, the holidays roll around, we feel depressed or lonely, we experience a breakup, a relationship conflict, we didn’t make it the grocery store, we skipped one workout, or we flat out give up.

You see there will always be triggers, but when you start off slow and successful choosing the one that will be easier, you settle in a new way of thinking about yourself. When you’ve been consistently sticking with the easier of the two you start to feel good about yourself, and it reinforces that you CAN change and that you CAN meet goals and that you CAN be successful. So that when life does happen, you are able to say, “OK minor set back, I am just going to get right back at it right now.”

The longer you stay off track the harder it is to get back on track. We ALL have setback because we are ALL alive on earth living stressful lives. Not one person is perfect in their goals, so please don’t beat yourself up if you don’t stick to your plan completely.

So workout or nutrition first? THE EASIER ONE FOR YOU. Master it for about a good 4-6 weeks, and then slowly add in the second.

You can do it and if you need any help at all, reach out, we’re here for you.

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