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How To Choose The Right Fitness Class For You

Choosing a fitness class is a very personal choice.  So many factors go into play when choosing the right class from your fitness abilities, the type of class you like, your long term health and fitness goals, the music, the size of the class, and the personality of the instructor and fitness facility.

At Perfect Union we try to give you a wide variety of the above, in order to help suit the needs of many individuals.  In today’s blog you will find the difference between classes and even more specifically the classes we offer at Perfect Union and why we have chosen to offer them.

Many times I get a new client sit down in my office for a complimentary consult and ask what classes do I recommend for them, and I have to ask them back “What do you like?”

Most people will always know if they like cardio based or weight based, high impact or low impact, do they want to sweat or do they want to stretch, do they want to leave feeling refreshed and relaxed or sweaty and shaky.  Once you can nail that down-THEN we can look at specific classes.

Any workout can be a cardio workout, don’t get the feeling of a breathing heavy workout and fast paced heart rate mixed up with a TRX workout not being labeled as high impact “cardio”.  “Cardio exercise is any exercise that raises your heart rate” (  That is the true definition of cardio, or aerobic, and anyone who has attended a Vinyasa Flow yoga class will know you can get your heart rate up, even though it is a low impact yoga class. That’s one of the good things about so many different fitness classes out there, is that even something is low impact, it can be cardio and therefore give you great heart benefits.  As long as you are continuously moving, you are increasing your heart rate and therefore, your exercise is cardio, or aerobic exercise.  With that said, all of our fitness classes at Perfect Union, are going to be a cardio effect.  We feel that a full body workout is ideally the best way to serve your time in the gym and best for your health.  But not all of our classes are a high impact aerobic workout.

For those that like a low impact, or a refreshed and relaxed feeling will want to look at classes like Barre, TRX, yoga, and Pilates.  These types of workouts are much less cardio based and focused on smaller movements, body weight exercises, and range of motion. These are classes that are ideal for just coming into working out after an injury, for those that have limited range of motion, people who are fearful of working out, or wanting to increase your flexibility, posture, and range of motion.

If you are wanting a workout with weights, you will want to look at Weight Training, Body Pump, and Spin and Tone.  All three of these classes can be for a beginner or an advanced athlete.  Weight Training is a traditional counting reps workout.  You will be using free weights and a variety of exercises for a full body weight lifting workout.  Body Pump is fun, music driven, and choreographed.  Each song is working a different part for a full body workout.  Unlike your traditional weight training workout Body Pump is meant to be light weights and lots of reps.  Spin and Tone is a combo of high cardio and weight training.

For those that want to sweat it out and push themselves you’ll feel more than satisfied with Spin, Grit, Zumba or Body Attack.  Spin is themed each week and set to music that will drive you to spin to the beat.  It’s upbeat and fun.  Zumba and Body Attack are both choreographed to music and on your feet.  Zumba is Latin danced inspired with plenty of influences from around the world.  Body Attack is a sport based jazzercise, high impact choreographed cardio, and Grit is a 30-minute-high impact interval training using both body weight and free weights.

Some like a combination workout and Circuit Training and Boot Camp are going to give you the combo of interval you will be looking for.  These classes can be modified to be low or high impact depending on what your body can do.  The instructors will give you the options for both.  These two workouts will give you stations around the room and a combination of body weight and equipment based moves.

Each week we will be highlighting a class we have to offer and going into detail on the benefits and what to expect.  Stay tuned and we hope you enjoy this new weekly blog series we will be introducing.

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