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How To Eat On Vacation: Part 3

Let me shoot out some phrases and show of hands if you’ve heard it before, ready? “I will start first thing Monday morning,” or “I’ve already blown it today, so tomorrow I will start over,” how about the bartering in your head of “It’s just this one dessert, next time I eat I won’t eat very much to make up for it,” and then there’s the dreaded speech we give while on vacation of “As soon as I get back, I will be good again”.

Since when did we become five years old and we have to become “good” again?  Eating food is a choice we make and it’s either a “good”, meaning healthy choice, or a “bad”, meaning unhealthy choice, but it’s just that, a choice.  It in no way makes us a good or bad people, the two are very different.

What I am wanting to stress today in our miniseries of How To Eat While On Vacation is waiting until you return home from your vacation will actually do more harm than good.  You see, the more and longer we indulge the more we feed our dopamine receptors, those little neurons in the brain that signal pleasure.  When we receive that “pleasure” stimulus we just want more of it, and like any other drug or addiction of choice once we get a taste of it, we just keep wanting it.  The more we feed the pleasure of enjoying these vacation indulgences, the higher our tolerance becomes, and for most of us, a few bites will no longer satisfy.

We are all different in our genetic makeup and any predisposition we may or may not have to food addictions or addictions in general.  In my professional experience, the majority of us struggle with the taste buds winning over our knowledge and self-control.  But the good news is, our taste buds can change to enjoy the foods we feed our bodies.  So if you’re new to eating seasonal foods or healthier foods you aren’t used to, your taste buds will learn to enjoy them if it isn’t your favorite food right now.

Our bodies remember the foods we are eating, from a taste perspective, if it made us happy, and also from an internal perspective of how much bile we had to produce to digest, stomach acid and insulin.  All of these things create a habit our body gets into.  This habit becomes the new normal for our body and its learns to function that way because we have told it to base on what we were eating and feeding our body.

So, my point is, the longer we create this habit, the harder it will be to reset too normal.  Therefore, while on vacation, try your best to not over indulge and tell yourself you’ll get back on track once home.  I promise, it’ll be so much easier to transition back from vacation if you’ve tried to make the healthiest food choices you can.  There’s enough to transition back too from vacation like chores, work, and well, let’s face it, LIFE! Don’t add eating to that list.

Stay tuned tomorrow as we continue our miniseries until then, I’m off to explore Kauai.

Yesterdays adventure was a BLAST! Caitlyn and I enjoyed a tour of a Kona coffee farm and also the Hawaiian Chocolate Farm.  What a difference all natural and minimally processed makes in our bodies.  Educational and so much fun.




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