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How To Eat On Vacation: Part 4

We are continuing on with our miniseries of vacation eating today with a very common misconception I’m hearing all around me this week, “I deserve this.” The most ironic part to hearing this phrase to me is that I am hearing it most while in the fitness center here on the cruise. People are working out in order to go eat unhealthy, somehow this just seems a little contradictory to me, but maybe it’s just me…let me further explain.

I feel two points are necessary to explain why I feel this phrase should be left out of our way of thinking.

I’ve already explained the first one a bit this week with our previous posts: We never deserve unhealthy eating that will give us health consequences. Food should never be a punishment or a reward for anything. Food is meant to give us life, energy, nutrition, heal us and support us in our lifestyles. Food is not meant to bring us happiness, fill empty voids, cause health problems, become addictive, or be used as leverage, however in our society food has become all of those things and far from what it was meant to be. Food. Just plain food. We somehow have given food great power over our lives.

This power we have given food brings me to the second point of why I don’t like the phrase “I’ve earned it” or “I deserve it” ESPECIALLY after doing something heathy like working out. Let’s breakdown what happens when we work out. Essentially you are breaking down your muscles, tearing the muscle fibers in order to rebuild them and help them change shape. When we lose the fat our body stores around these muscles, you are then able to see this muscle transformation. However, in order to lose the fat stored around the muscles, you MUST feed and fuel your body properly after working out. If you spend 30-75 minutes working out, with your sole purpose to lose fat stores, why would you then go eat fat to put it right back? Doesn’t that sound a little silly? I don’t know what kind of workouts you are doing, but I feel workouts are HARD and I for one don’t want to just waste that hour for nothing. For those of us who work out very early in the morning if I am going to negate my workout, what’s the point? I could spend an extra hour sleeping.

The same is true with processed foods, sugar, sodas, alcohol, breads, and pastas. These types of carbohydrates will be processed as sugar in the body that will be stored as fat. So, these are also the last things I want to eat after a workout.

I hear a lot of people, including my husband, say, “I work out in order to eat whatever I want.” This is a very common misconception. If you want to maintain your weight, don’t have any specific fitness goals, or you don’t struggle with being overweight, then this will work for you. I don’t however guarantee you won’t suffer any major health consequences with eating whatever you want.

If you do however want to lose weight, have fitness goals, or just want to be the healthiest you can then you will need to change your mindset to think you DESERVE that. You DESERVE health. You DESERVE to live a long life. You DESERVE to not have food take power over you. You DESERVE happiness and freedom. You DESERVE to take that control and power back.

So what should you eat after a workout? In my experience a healthy carbohydrate and a healthy protein combined are your best choices. The healthy carbohydrate will restore the glycogen that was taken from your muscles in the beginning of your workout and the protein will help to rebuild the muscles. This can be as simple as a homemade smoothie with whey protein, chicken, fish or extra lean ground turkey with steamed vegetables, or even fruit and 1 cup of cottage cheese.

Please remember, you are worthy and deserving of good health and only you have the power to gift it to yourself. Show yourself how much you appreciate your body for everything it does for you.


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