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How To Eat On Vacation: Part 5

The final day of our miniseries is here, How To Eat On Vacation.  I sure hope you’ve enjoyed our series and it’s been helpful to you to learn a few tips and the why behind wanting to try to keep your healthy habits best you can while enjoying some vacation time.

We will be wrapping up with the common complaint of “There aren’t any healthy choices”.  News flash, there are always healthy choices if you just know how to look for them!

Healthier choices can actually come in all shapes and forms including smaller portions.  YES, I said it, when desperate and truly feeling there is not a healthy option, then opt for the best you can and eat half of it.  What we don’t realize in a non-healthy option is how just how many calories, fat and salt something may contain, and in one meal you are actually eating a whole day’s worth of the recommended daily allowance.  So, eating half is a good choice.

Most eating places will accommodate requests.  You can also always look for a meal choice and just change it a little, asking for no sauce, or hold the salt, or even just asking for plain fish or chicken with steamed vegetables on the side.

Sometimes the choices we wouldn’t make at home, we have to make while vacationing because that of itself will be the healthier choice.  For example, you may not have flavored yogurts at home knowing the sugar content, but when at a continental breakfast buffet your choice is a bagel, white bread or a chocolate croissant you are picking the flavored yogurt knowing you’ll get a little more nutrition out of the yogurt.  Maybe at lunch your choices are burgers and hotdogs and you choose the burger but then skip the hamburger bun with it and eat just the meat knowing you’re getting some protein in you.

You see, it may not be the ideal, but the point is to make the best choice you can with what’s available.  Even making the best choice you can, will help to keep you on the right road without a downward spiral, because as we talked about, sometimes one spiral leads to many.

Drinking lots of extra water will also help to keep you on track.  When having to settle for a food choice you’re questioning always drink extra water.  This extra water consumption will help to flush any toxins out.

Well, that’s it folks, that concludes our miniseries.  When in doubt drink water, eat a smaller portion of food, and when you return home always try to eat cleansing food choices for the first few days.  That will help to jump start and reset that great vacation you just came back from.

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