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How To Meal Prep In One Hour

I decided to make a video for you guys in how I meal prep in one hour! I hope you enjoy it!!! See the recipes below.



The recipes I did were:

Roasted Vegetables– already cut up and washed in ready to go oven safe containers (makes enough for 12 prep containers)

  1.  Brussel Sprouts I drizzled olive oil and garlic salt
  2. Red and New Potatoes drizzled with olive oil and garlic salt
  3. Butternut squash drizzled with olive oil and cinnamon

Pesto Chicken with Marinated Artichoke Hearts (makes 6 prep containers)

3 containers of Rosie’s Chicken Breasts (2 breasts in each package)

2 small jars of pesto (any brand is fine or make your own)

1 big jar of marinated artichoke hearts

Line a 12×9 baking dish with foil.  Place all six breasts lined up in dish.  Pour pesto and artichoke hearts over chicken.  Cook in oven for about 30 minutes at 425 degrees.

Marinated Tritip (made 6 prep containers)

I purchased this week an already marinated tri-tip.  All I had to do was line a baking dish with foil, cut open package and cook at 425 degree for 40 minutes.

Ground Turkey with sausage and wild rice (makes 4 prep containers)

2 packages of 99% fat free ground turkey

1 package of Aidell’s Italian Sausage

2 packages of Uncle Ben’s Long Brown and Wild Rice Blend

Brown the turkey.  Half way through browning add your cut up sausages.  While that cooks, cook your uncle bens 90 second rice.  Each bag of rice will fill up 2 containers.  Divide rice amongst the containers.  Once turkey is done browning divide that into the containers.

Place all containers with lids on in the fridge, and enjoy meals!

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