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Mile A Day Challenge 2016

Mile-A-Day Challenge


For the second year in a row, Perfect Union offered a challenge to keep moving and healthy through the holidays.  It’s a tradition we love around Perfect Union and it creates excitement, accountability, and a challenge you are so proud you kept at the end.


We start on Thanksgiving Day, and finish on New Year’s Day, the challenge is to walk a minimum of one mile every day, and use the Runkeeper app to record it on your phone.


The reward?  Besides feeling accomplished and proud, whomever finishes earns a spa day in Carmel, at Refuge Hot Springs followed by a nice dinner.  The one who walks the most miles-they get their spa day and dinner completely paid for!


Last year we had six finishers and this year we had TEN!!! It’s so exciting…so who were these finishers? Let’s meet them!


Kathryn M with a total of 100.6 miles

Gina T. with 92 miles

Sherri S. with 81.8 miles

Michele G. with 80.2 miles

Darci M. with 71.2 miles

Anne D. with 63.8 miles

Tiffany M. with 61.2 miles

Rena M. with 52.8 miles

Renee R. with 52.4 miles


Way to go ladies!!!! Be on the lookout for a special email with options of dates to go on our spa day.


It was such fun watching everyone compete for miles, especially the unspoken competition between Kathyrn and Gina that Perfect Union has decided to reward you BOTH with a spa day!!


Congratulations everyone, job well done!

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