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Nutritionist vs Health Coach vs Dietitian
What is nutrition services for and who are you? Are you a nutrition coach, a nutrition consultant, or a registered dietician and don’t they do all the same thing?
While making our flyer for our awesome specials for our event tomorrow, Fresh Start to 2018, it was brought to my attention to elaborate on our nutrition services and to explain a little more as to why we do what we do. I hope this helps to introduce us to you a little bit more…
Besides fitness and yoga classes we also offer a variety of nutrition services. Jennifer (me) is a State Board Certified Nutrition Consultant. We offer one time nutrition visits as well as nutrition consulting, 10 Day Resets, and 30 Day Detoxes. The one time visit is great for the people who know how to cook, they know what to do and don’t need the counseling portion of getting their nutrition in order. For example this could be: ladies who are menopausal, or cancer patients, and Crohn’s disease or newly diagnosed celiac patients who just need the initial “teach me everything, tell me what to do, and I’m good”. For those that need help discovering what is wrong, why they can’t lose weight, need to rebalance or rewire hormones, coming off medications, want the accountability or education further, or have a new diagnosis they need to get under control would benefit from doing a 4 session package because they have something that needs to be followed for a bit. Our 10 Day Reset’s and 30 Day Detox’s are offered a few times throughout the year. They are done in group formats and are customized to who signs up. They are full of education and tools to help you learn how to pull food allergies, toxins, and inflammation out of the body and then you are guided in replenishing, nourishing, and replacing with health benefitting foods instead.
There is also a difference between a health coach, a nutrition consultant and dietitian.
I found this little tid bit and it answers this question perfectly!  This was copied from Sharisse Dalby.
Health Coach vs Nutritionist  vs Dietitian

Health Coach

  1. Works to steer clients towards their non-serious health goals: ie weight loss, eating healthy, etc
  2. Motivates clients to look at the whole lifestyle picture
  3. Approximatly 9 months of training, studies surface areas of almost 100 different diets, covers holistic lifestyle approaches, no in-depth nutrition studies
  4. Cannot medicate or prescribe supplements
  5. Cannot prescribe specific dietary recommendations or meal plans
  6. Not covered by medical insurance

*Choose a Health Coach when you are wanting guidance or motivation to get healthy.

Nutritionist (me) 

  1. Helps patients reach health goals, heal, discover the root cause, fix deficiencies, get specific tests, etc
  2. Holistic nutritionists look at the whole picture
  3. Years of training, studies deep into nutrition, physiology and anatomy, and much more
  4. Can prescribe specific diets and supplement protocols
  5. Cannot diagnose
  6. Covered by some medical insurance companies (check with your insurance provider!)
*Choose a Nutritionist when you are struggling with any digestive issue, emotional issues, nutritional imbalance, food allergy, hormone imbalance, weight loss, etc – or if you want help finding the root cause. Your can hire a Nutritionist for anything except diagnosing and treating disease.


  1. Helps patients in treatment and diseases management
  2. Has strict regulated rules that they must abide by – like following the food guide
  3. Has a protected title
  4. Takes years of schooling, receives a bachelor in nutrition sciences and are required to do an internship (usually lasting around 1 year and usually in a hospital or clinic setting
  5. They can diagnose
  6. Covered by medical insurance

*Choose a Dietitian if you are dealing with a disease or will need multiple follow-ups (they are usually covered under medical).

I hope that helps! 😊

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