How To Eat On Vacation: Part 4

We are continuing on with our miniseries of vacation eating today with a very common misconception I’m hearing all around me this week, “I deserve this.” The most ironic part to hearing this phrase to me is that I am hearing it most while in the fitness center here on

How To Eat On Vacation: Part 3

Let me shoot out some phrases and show of hands if you’ve heard it before, ready? “I will start first thing Monday morning,” or “I’ve already blown it today, so tomorrow I will start over,” how about the bartering in your head of “It’s just this one dessert, next time

How To Eat On Vacation Part 2

I have a secret.  As a nutritionist and a personal trainer the one phrase that drives me nuts is “My Fitbit says…” Yes, that little colorful outfit matching device on your wrist, belt loop, or shoelaces, drives me nuts. Absolutely crazy and today we will research the cons to the

What To Eat On Vacation Part 1

Many of you are on your Spring Break vacation just like I am! Enjoying time with your kids and exploring new places or relishing in the familiarities of annual places you visit year after year.  A few you may even be enjoying a staycation at home fitting in a few

New Grit Class At Perfect Union

Hello Everyone, Over the weekend Caitlyn and myself (Jennifer) spent two long grueling days at a Les Mills weekend training to become certified in teaching Grit Series.  We are still sore, still bruised, and still exhausted but it was so worth every minute to bring you this new workout. There

Mile A Day Challenge 2016

Mile-A-Day Challenge   For the second year in a row, Perfect Union offered a challenge to keep moving and healthy through the holidays.  It’s a tradition we love around Perfect Union and it creates excitement, accountability, and a challenge you are so proud you kept at the end.   We

New Year’s Resolutions-Good or Bad?

New Year’s Resolutions-Good or Bad? Well, it’s the end of another year, and the time when most of us start making those annual New Year’s Resolutions.  We vow to change something with very little intent to actually follow through longer than a few days, and then shrug it off and

What Is Perfect Union?

My name is Jennifer Hardwick and I am the owner of Perfect Union Fitness and Nutrition Studio. I opened the doors of Perfect Union four years ago in Scotts Valley. We started out as a very small studio, as I didn’t know if my business idea would be one that