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Personal Training-Is It Really Necessary?
Let’s get real-do you *really* need one?
Why Personal Training? Personal training is considered a luxury expense that not everyone has the access too. Depending on where you live and what type of gym, studio, or outdoor facility you are attending the prices can really vary from around $50/hr upwards to $400/hr. In our area of California the average price of personal training is around $125/hour. If you haven’t ever had a personal trainer, one might ask, is it worth it? What exactly am I paying for? Can’t I meet my goals without the 1 on 1? How is my workout any different, aren’t all workouts the same on my body?
Well, let’s answer some of these questions for you.
1. Is it worth it? Depending on your goals-absolutely! If you are a beginner to working out then a personal trainer is a really great start to learning your body, the gym, equipment, how much weight to use, your form and technique. Most gyms will offer you one or two complimentary personal training sessions when you join. I highly recommend taking advantage of them. Personal trainers have done a lot of schooling to learn what they know, take use of picking their brains and keeping them on their toes! Some trainers will even schedule 30 minute sessions for those that need to ease their way into working out. Coming back from an injury and need someone to help you guide your form and correct weight to use per body part-use a personal trainer.
Sometimes we “graduate” from physical therapy after an injury but may not yet feel ready for the gym on our own, using a personal trainer is a very beneficial in between.
2. Why is it so expensive? What am I paying for? Like I said above, depending on where you live, will depend on how much the average training session will be. How long has the trainer been in the business and do they have a demand of clientele will also bring up your price. Some gyms will charge a flat amount and your trainer only gets a small portion of that. Other gyms will have trainers rent out space and they give a portion back to the gym. A trainer has to make a living too, and sometimes a trainers price may be set on what their financial arrangement is between them and the gym.
Now, what exactly is the trainers job? What are you paying for exactly? Let’s break it down…
-You have that trainers vast knowledge at your disposal. If you have questions, ask! Want to know why they are having you do that, ask! Where should you be feeling it? Ask! You are paying for that time and paying for them to share knowledge with you.
-You are paying for someone to design for you a very specific workout to meet your goals. A good trainer will ask you at your very first visit what are your goals. Based on that answer they design and custom made workout to you. It’s tailor made. If you see your trainer doing the exact same workout with everyone, you may want to question a little more, or maybe reiterate your goals with them.
-You are paying for results! Because the workout is tailor made to YOUR body YOUR body should respond in the best way.
-You are paying for their eyes to watch your every move. When a trainer is watching you it’s not to judge or make fun or intimidate you. What a trainer is looking for is the correct muscles to be firing and activating and based on that the proper weight selection for you. Is the right muscles working or are you compensating? If so, they correct that. Are you at risk for injury with improper form and technique, rushing through the move and missing the muscle contraction? Their eyes are constantly surveying you and trying to stay one step ahead of your body.
3. Can I still meet my goal if I don’t have a personal trainer? Yes, of course you can! If you want to meet goals you can do that anywhere, at home, outside, in a gym, with a trainer, walking your dog, dvd/online workouts, group fitness classes, lifting weights, cardio, machines, free weights, body weight the list goes on and on. When you work hard enough the goals get met. It just depends on your schedule, your personal drive, your knowledge, and your commitment.
When you have a trainer, they work with your schedule, they motivate you, keep you accountable, and they teach you the things they know.
4. How is my workout any different from a non personal trainer workout? Based on the above answers, you should get a great workout for your body more so than in a group fitness class or on your own. Unless you have been working out for some amount of time and can replicate the same results a workout with a trainer will feel different. It’s going to challenge you because you will be listening to the trainer verses your own body. A good trainer will know when you are giving up or when your body is at fatigue. Most people will give up prior to their actual fatigue level. This is one of the main motivating factors verses working out on your own.
Although it’s great to have a trainer you can always get a good workout on your own or in a group fitness class. When on your own, take it slow, and try to listen to your body and connect to your muscles. Choose a weight that is challenging but not risky. It should start to become heavy and difficult around rep 8-10. During a group fitness class, listen to the cues the instructor. They are saying exactly what you need to be doing for that specific move and class.
Even though personal training can be expensive for some-ask your gym if they offer any complimentary sessions or if a trainer can show you how to use some of the machines. Most gyms will offer specials now and then, ask if you can be on a list to be notified when a special will be coming up.
At Perfect Union we try our best to keep our cost low for training sessions and our group fitness classes to no more than 8 in a class so that you can experience that personal training feel. We keep the classes small to watch your form and give cues and corrections you need.
We also now have a mid week class that is personal training for the price of a fitness class. If personal training is not in your budget, then you will really benefit from this class. It’s limited to only a few spots and will be led by our Trainer Tyler. Take advantage of everything stated above in a very affordable way.
I hope this helps answer some questions on personal training for you!!!

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