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Setting Your Intent & Sticking To It

With such a passion for wanting to achieve what we know we need to, why is it so dang hard to do so? Every Sunday we tell ourselves, ok, tomorrow is the day-I am going to wake up early, I will exercise, eat right, get lots of sleep, refill and drink my water bottle 8 times and I won’t have any sugar! But by 11:00 am we hit snooze 7 times, didn’t work out, we’ve had four cups of coffee, and 2 jelly donuts.  Well, great, now that we blew it, the whole week of a new you is a wash and next Sunday we will actually follow through.  Sound familiar?


Well, let’s break the cycle! When I do life coaching or nutrition counseling with someone I ALWAYS start out small.  Honestly here, if you truly want to change choose ONE THING to focus on at a time.  It will either be the most pressing or the easiest thing to accomplish.  Why?  Because you need to feel successful in order to keep making more changes.  When we feel successful, we are motivated to keep on going and not stop! Too many things at once is overwhelming and unrealistic.


Ok, so now that you have your one thing, we need to create an action plan.  This one thing can be anything-sleeping more, exercise, eating breakfast, incorporating an afternoon healthy snack.  Whatever it is-you will have to make an action plan for it.  How will you make that one thing happen?  For example-I want to eat a healthy snack every afternoon instead of the vending machine or sugar.  I will need to make sure I go to the grocery store and purchase a healthy snack. Make sure Monday morning I take them to work.  I may set an alarm to remind myself to eat my snack.  Whatever I do at all costs eat my snack I brought and have prepared and not eat sugar or the vending machine.  If I fail on any steps of my action plan, I fail the whole intent.


Setting your intent and following through is all about the action.  If you don’t have the action, all you really have is talk, and talk doesn’t meet your goals.  The difference between those who are successful and those who aren’t, are the action.  Which is why it is so important to start small.  Create each action with intent and build on them.  Once one is no longer so challenging, we can add in another and another.  Can you even imagine what life would look like 3-6 months from now, if you just kept adding in more things until you met your goal?  How happy and accomplished would you feel?  Just visualize that for a moment, would you?  Now write down that feeling.  Be as descriptive as you can with it.  This description is your new WHY.  When we feel like our actions are failing and our motivation is slowing down, you will have your WHY to remind you to keep on going.


Every Sunday afternoon I look at my schedule for the week.  Appointments I have, my work schedule, and I plan around that.  My workouts for the most part stay consistent, but I have to plan my self-care around that.  I will typically plan out my eating to make sure I am eating enough and timing it correctly, as well as my sleep.  Water intake must be spot on.  Therefore, in visualizing and planning out my week, I even write down what time I eat and I schedule it in.  Eating is my priority for the week, every week for my goals.  If I dpn’t successfully eat clean, and with the proper macros, I don’t feel good, at all! So, I know, I have to prioritize that.  So, you will see in my schedule is snack times-what I am eating and how much.  It has made all the difference in achieving my goals because I am setting my intent and making an action plan.  When I am prepared to see it through I have visualized it, written it down, and in getting prepared have already done 75% of the work! Actually, doing it is now the easy part.


So, remember, start simple and build from there.  Visualize, set your intent, make an action plan and let’s meet those goals head on, shall we?

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