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Step By Step Guide To My Mass Meal Prep

I truly feel like when you commit and put out the intent to change your life you have to be willing to do the work.  The good ole saying, “it’s the thought that counts” isn’t always going to really count, and when it comes to your health that couldn’t be truer.  Only YOU can change your outcome to anything in life.  One of the easiest ways to set yourself up for success is with meal prep! Check out below for my step by step meal prep guide to get you on your way…


Step by Step Guide To My Mass Meal Prep

Twice a week you’ll catch me in my kitchen for roughly an hour.  This one hour (plus around 10 minutes for kitchen clean up) saves me hours during the week, saves me money, and opens me up to staying on track with my nutrition.


Here’s my step by step guide to creating multiple meals in under an hour…


Step 1:












Unpack the groceries and preheat oven(s).  I am in love with these already to roast vegetables I have been getting them at Safeway.  They are sold in oven ready containers.  I pop the tops off, take out the dressing it comes with, and I drizzle olive oil and Mrs. Dash Herb and Garlic seasoning on them.  I then place them all in the oven for 20 minutes at 350 degrees.    This week was brussel sprouts, carrots, red potatoes and yams.


Step 2:


I spray a glass casserole dish with nonstick olive oil spray and then place my chicken breasts in it.  This week was 4 chicken breasts, drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with Mrs. Dash original seasoning blend. Place in a 450-degree oven.  (I will tell you time in step 6)


Step 3:

Going in the same oven with the chicken will be skirt steak. My family goes through more skirt steak than anything else, so this is my biggest casserole dish.  I lay all the steak in and then pour BBQ sauce over it.


Step 4:

Get a big pot of water and place the zucchini and/or sweet potato noodles inside.  Let sit on a medium high burner until the water begins boiling.


Step 5:

This week I added in a tortilla crusted tilapia.  Because I had a tortilla base that I didn’t want to stick to my pan I lined and then sprayed the foil into my baking dish.  This went into the same oven with my steak and my chicken.


Step 6:

Enjoy a little peace and quiet while things cook.

The noodles will take just until water boils.  The vegetables are 20 minutes, and the meats are about 40 minutes depending on the size of your cuts.

Pictured on stovetop is my pot of sweet potato noodles coming to a boil on the left and I am steaming broccoli on the right.  My first oven is all the vegetables roasting and my bottom oven is all the meats cooking.


Step 7:

Time to start your assembly! The noodles will be done first so we will assemble those.  Drain your noodles, just like you would regular pasta.  This week, I decided to do turkey meatballs and already made pasta sauce.  The noodles went into the bowl followed by already made meatballs and pour some sauce over the top.  I chose frozen already cooked meatballs and I don’t not defrost them or preheat, I place them frozen in my “pasta” bowl.  When I reheat to consume they will reheat at that time.


Step 8:

The fish will be ready next.  This week I did brown rice, steamed broccoli and the tilapia.


Step 9:

Next I place all my roasted vegetables divided between all the remainder containers.  Once its divided I will then place either my chicken or my steak in the containers with the vegetables.


Step 10:

For us, I organize each shelf with that type of container.  So 2nd shelf to the left is all the chicken with vegetables, under that is the steak with vegetables, to the right on the bottom is the sweet potato noodles with turkey meatballs, and above that is some leftovers and the tilapia.


Planning to succeed is the number one component when it comes to meeting your goals.  If you don’t plan it out, commit, and see it through, you won’t see the change you want.

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