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The Benefits of Spin

Spin class, or indoor cycling, is a high energy cardio class that incorporates the feeling of biking outdoors and brings it indoors.  From hills and jumps to sprints and hovers this is a class fueled by music and energy that you have to try at least once!

Darci Morris is our main spin instructor at Perfect Union and if you haven’t met her, her energy is contagious.  She’ll have you sweating to keep up with her during this 50 minute class that will then include a cool down and stretching off the bike.  Each week Darci makes spin a different theme, so the music and energy is constantly changing week to week.  Those that have tried her class, very quickly can’t get enough of it!

The great part about Spin is you control your resistance on the bike, and you are allowed to determine how heavy the tension is.  While Darci creates an awesome workout for you, ultimately you get to decide how hard you crank the dial, and every week your legs will get stronger and stronger until you find yourself turning up the resistance and wanting more of it!

“The benefits from Spinning meet a long list of health, fitness and lifestyle needs for a broad range of people. Whether you’re a roadie seeking performance gains or a newbie trying to drop a few pounds, Spinning likely has you covered. From saddle to saddle you’ll see the needs of many – regardless of age, gender, lifestyle – met by one experience. That’s why, as fitness options go, few are as dynamic and accommodating as Spinning” (Spinning ProBlog).  A 50 minute spin class is said to burn between 450 and 750 calories depending how much resistance you use during your class.

“Spinning can be performed as an anaerobic exercise, pulling energy from reserves and building up muscular endurance over an extended timeframe. However, there are also aerobic benefits. Spinning classes include both endurance and cardiovascular training.

Heart health is an obvious benefit, as is lung capacity. As we work harder, we will learn to work on controlled breathing, as well. This can help with anxiety and help lower the heart rate when in a situation where physical exertion begins to take the breath away” (Spinning ProBlog).

Wether you are looking for a great stress release, a workout guaranteed to help you shed some pounds, an hour fueled by fun music and energy or a low impact cardio workout on your joints, Spin is the class for you.

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