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Why Barre?

In starting our new weekly series on the classes Perfect Union has to offer and the benefits of them we are going to start with our Barre classes.  We offer two types of barre classes at Perfect Union taught by two different instructors.  Sarah and Jennifer are both certified in barre but teach very differently.  Sarah comes to us with a ballet background that is beautifully shown in her classes as she uses terminology, grace, and poise throughout every move.  Jennifer comes to barre with a fitness background and incorporates more of a faster tempo bringing in some slight cardio.

A traditional barre class is done in three stages-upper body with light weights, standing at the barre doing lower body and then ending with abs.  It’s been described as a combination of yoga and Pilates standing up and at the barre, and it has this description because of the holding of moves and elongating the limbs to feel taller and open once the class is completed.

Barre class is a no impact class, with no cardio.  Everything is done very controlled and with small movements.  In a barre class you work and use your small muscles verses your large muscles as done typically in a traditional fitness class.  For example, the gluteus minimus and medius would get worked in a barre class (the smaller of the muscles that run through the hip and buttock) and in a different fitness class, the gluteus maximus would be used much more.

Barre is a class that anyone can do at any level.  For those rehabbing from any injuries or new to exercise this would be an excellent class.  It’s also an excellent class for those who are cross training and would like to work different muscles then they do in their regular workouts.

“Often, barre focuses on small, repetitive bodyweight moves, but don’t be surprised if you find yourself in a class using small hand weights to add a little more resistance. What’s the rationale behind high repetitions and light weights? Proponents claim that is the best way to get that lean, toned look so many people covet” (Food Is Medicine).  Besides the toned look a barre class can bring you, the benefits of barre classes also include flexibility, strengthening your core, improves mind and body connection, and it also improves your posture.

We offer barre four times a week at Perfect Union.  Sarah teaches Barre Sculpt and Abs on Monday evenings at 5:15 pm and Tuesday mornings at 9:30 am.  Jennifer teaches Barre Boot camp on Thursday mornings at 6 am and Friday evenings at 4:15 pm.

This week’s sticker goal (April 24th-29th) is to attend any barre class for a sticker!!  Try it out and we promise you won’t regret it.

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2 thoughts on “Why Barre?

  1. What are main differences in the Barre Bootcamp and Barre Sculpt classes?

    • Great question! Sarah’s classes have grace and poise with her ballet background, much more of a tradional barre class. Barre Bootcamp, taught by Jennifer, has a little bit of cardio to it and a slightly faster tempo. Both classes follow the 3 part format of upper body, lower body and abs, its more the pace and style that are different between the two instructors.

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