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Your Guide To Fitness Classes

Your guide to choosing fitness classes


Whether you are brand new to group fitness or have hit a plateau here is your guide to choosing the right fitness classes for you!


Here’s a quick rundown of class descriptions and a guide of classes to choose based on your goals.  Someone new to workouts will benefit from any type of class but if you’ve been exercising for some time now, you may need to mix it up to get to that next level of fitness.


Cardio based classes require no equipment and are meant to bring your heart rate up quickly and keep it there.

Perfect Union’s Cardio Classes: Spin, Cardio Kickboxing, Grit Cardio, Zumba Fitness


Strength training classes are done with dumbbells or barbells and can be repetition based or weight based, meant to build muscular strength.

Perfect Union Strength Classes: Weight Training, Body Pump, Grit Strength, Open Gym


Body weight classes are done with either no equipment, or accessory equipment keeping your body weight as your main prop used.

Perfect Union Body weight classes: Pop Pilates, TRX, Barre Bootcamp, Yoga  


Circuit Training is a form of cross training using many muscle groups and also equipment.  Circuit training can be both cardio and strength based and is usually a combo of the two.

Perfect Union circuit classes: Circuit Training, Interval Circuit, Banded Sculpt


If weight loss is your goal-for initial easy weight loss, cardio based classes will be what you want.  Keeping the heart rate up at a steady pace for longer than 30 minutes will help you shed body fat, eliminate toxins, and get that scale number down.


If building endurance is your goal-you will want to stick to body pump, spin, any of our circuit classes, or any of our Grit classes.  These classes use repetition to build endurance using interval training.  Interval training is a science specific training using maximum release of glucose out of your muscles to take your body and your workout to the next level.


If strength training and building muscle is your goal-our weight training classes, open gym, and body pump will be your go to classes.  These classes will focus entirely on muscle strength, growing muscles, form and technique.


If you are brand new to working out-don’t be intimidated, the best classes for people new to working out or just coming back to working out will be barre, TRX, and pop pilates due to the low impact/low cardio factor of these classes.

Always remember, your body knows how to adapt and it will! If you are in a holding pattern it may just take shaking things up a bit, so try some new classes or increase your weights or intensity and see what happens!

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