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Jennifer comes to you with a passion for everything.  She is a State Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Child Exercise Specialist, Les Mills Certified, TRX certified, Barre Certified, Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and the owner of Perfect Union.

Jennifer opened the doors of Perfect Union four years ago in Scotts Valley.  She started out as a very small studio, as she didn’t know if her business idea would be one that was a hit! “I opened the doors with one client. Slowly it started to grow and by the end of being opened for one year, I had outgrown my location and moved to a larger studio space. We then spent two years next to the Scotts Valley Market, and when my lease was up in that location, we had outgrown it once again and moved even bigger! We are now located in the Kings Village Shopping Center by the movie theater”.

Jennifer’s vision and heart for Perfect Union had been to create a place that was unlike any other.  She wanted people to feel safe, accepted, and a “come as you are” environment.  It’s one of the reasons Perfect Union doesn’t have mirrors.  “Our goal for every client is to feel proud of themselves when they leave a workout. We pride ourselves in a client feeling able to accomplish a workout that works best for them, in a feeling that when they leave they know they pushed themselves, weren’t injured in the process, and can feel confident and excited to come back”.

Jennifer knows the importance of diet, and she believe that food is medicine. She educates, encourages, and believes in every person who walks through the doors.

In wanting Perfect Union to be more of just a place people came to workout and/or learn how to eat for their bodies, Jennifer makes sure people have the option to do a lot outside of Perfect Union.  There are optional monthly hikes exploring different trails every month, fun things like stand up paddle boarding, game nights, and as a studio whomever wants to can participate in local races and triathlons- pushing people to bigger goals outside of the studio walls. “This will be our third year participating in the Tinkerbell half marathon in Disneyland, and we have another group training for the 65 mile Cinderella biking classic. I absolutely love seeing clients push themselves and accomplish goals they never thought possible”.