Nutrition Consult

We believe food is a healing and important part of ones journey. We understand that illness, food addictions, and emotional eating are real and need to be addressed in a non-judgmental safe environment. We offer nutrition counseling for weight loss, health, hormone imbalances, and illnesses.

Our nutrition consults consist of one-on-one nutrition counseling. These appointments vary in length from 45minutes-1 ½ hours. Our meetings will be in detail about your current condition, undiagnosed and diagnosed health concerns. Based on these detailed questions I will write you a customized meal plan with recipes that will be seven days worth of meals and snacks.

I believe learning about our bodies is a crucial element in healing and understanding what we are going through. With every visit not only do you get a new set of recipes and a meal plan, but also detailed information, handouts, and brochures to keep in your “tool box” of health.